June 20, 2015

Dupion Silk Fabric

Dupion Silk Fabric :

This Dupion Silk Fabric is made out of 100% Pure Silk and 100% Pure Dupion Yarn the fabric has a slubes which make it very much suitable for a luxury fabric. This Dupion Silk Fabric is Thick in quality and have weaving slabs  which gives it an extra stiffness to the fabric which makes it very much suitable for home furnishing , like Cushion covers , Curtains , Bedspreads , Garments, etc.

The Fabric is very much suitable for all home, Hotels, Party Halls, Premium Furnishing Decorative for all that luxury feel.

We can make cushion covers, Curtains, Bedspreads  of any size as per your orders ,

This fabric can be used for garments wear like shirts , Sherwanis , Ghagra Choli, etc. This Fabric are manufactured only on order Bases.

Product ID Type Grams per mtr Width
DE/DU/01 Kora Dupion Silk Fabric  48-50 gms 44″inches
DE/DU/02 Dupion Silk Fabric 100-105 gms 44″inches
DE/DU/03 Dupion Silk Fabric 115-120 gms 54″inches

All the above fabric order should have minimum 150 meter order in Each Colour .


We can weave 60% Slub fabric , 30% Slub Fabric , 10% Slub Fabric this all depends on the requirements of the clients as to what kind of slubs does the client need in his end use

We do have indian Dupion Weaving where in you get more slubs which have very sluby weaving because Indian Dupion Yarn has lots of slubs.

The Chinese Dupion yarn has very less slubs in the yarn which makes it very good for having slub less fabric depending upon the client’s requirements and orders.

Hence we can manufacture the above fabric according to your requirements and orders.

Products made out of Dupion Fabric

  • Curtains – Custom made curtains as per your orders and measurements
  • Cushion Covers – 50×50 , 80×80 , 100×100 cms cushion covers can be made
  • Dupion Tops – for Women clothing and men’s clothing