June 17, 2015

Georgette Silk Fabric

Georgette Silk Fabric: We are manufacturing 100% Pure Georgette Silk Fabric. This fabric has very rough texture that is very much suitable for sarees , dress material , scarfs ,etc.

This fabric is generally heavy in texture and has a very comfortable wear which makes it very good for sarees with embroidery or hand work. Basically this fabric can be used in any kind of designer wear. As the texture of the fabric is rough hence any kind of hand work or embroidery  is  possible on this fabric. Depending up on the kind of handwork  or embroidery that you want to do on the fabric accordingly choose the fabric weight.

Less Embroidery or hand work – choose the less Georgette Silk fabric weight

More embroidery or hand work – choose the heavy Georgette Silk fabric weight

We are one of the Leading manufacturer of 100% Pure Silk Georgette Fabric manufacturers in india. here are list of the fabric that we are manufacturing.  We also manufacture Georgette Silk Sarees with Jari Border as per requirements of our clients

Product ID Types of products Grams per mtr Width
DE/G/01 Georgette Silk Fabric 35 gms 35 gms/mtr 44”inches
DE/G/02 Georgette Silk Fabric 40 gms 40 gms/ mtr 44”inches
DE/G/03 Georgette Silk Fabric 50 gms 50 gms/ mtr 44”inches
DE/G/04 Georgette Silk Fabric 60 gms 60 gms/ mtr 44”inches