August 15, 2016

Crepe Silk Fabrics

Crepe Silk Fabric: 

Crepe 60gms

Seda Crepe

We are manufacturing 100% Pure Crepe Silk Fabric. This fabric has very smooth texture that is very much suitable for sarees , dress material , scarfs ,etc.

Basically this Fabric has a very close weaving Structure which make it very less transparent then other Fabrics. As the weight of the fabric increases the transparency of the fabric reduces. This is very much suitable for Sarees and Silk Tops as it give a very good feel of silk. This fabric is very famous in Sarees as it is acceptable by all fashion house and women.

Product ID Types of products Grams per mtr Width
DE/CR/01 Crepe Silk Fabric 30 gms 30 gms/mtr 44”inches
DE/CR/02 Crepe Silk Fabric 35 gms 35 gms/mtr 44”inches
DE/CR/03 Crepe Silk Fabric 40 gms 40 gms /mtr 44”inches
DE/CR/04 Crepe Silk Fabric 50 gms 50 gms /mtr 44”inches
DE/CR/05 Crepe Silk Fabric 60 gms 60 gms /mtr 44”inches

Crepe Silk Sarees :

We also manufacture Crepe Silk Sarees with the Details Given Below. This sarees are manufactured  by using 100% Pure Raw Silk Yarn, to give you the actual feel of the “BEST SILK”

Product ID Types of products Grams per Saree Width
DE/CRS/01 Crepe Silk Sarees With Piping Border 260 gms / 5.5 mtr 44”inches
DE/CRS/02 Crepe Silk Sarees With Jacquard Border 310 gms / 6.3 mtr 44”inches
DE/CR/03 Crepe Silk Sarees With all Over Chex 410 gms / 6.3 mtr 44”inches
DE/CR/04 Crepe Silk Sarees With Single Side Border 410 gms / 6.3 mtr 44”inches
DE/CR/05 Crepe Silk Sarees With Body Butta 500 gms / 6.3 mtr 44”inches

The above sarees are manufactured as per design requirements of our clients. Sarees are given border designs with the help of Dobby , Jacquard , mini Jacquard with help of Jari Yarn which highlights the design on the sarees.

We do have value addition work like Printing , hand work , embroidery, dying , pattern dying ,etc.

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