July 28, 2015

Handloom Silk Sarees

Handloom Silk Sarees

It is a very traditional way of weaving 100% Pure Sarees using handloom. This handloom silk sarees are manufactured by taking huge amount of time and is custom made to match the designs made out of using handloom jacquard. Pure Raw Silk Yarn is used to manufacture these Handloom Silk Sarees.

We are specialized in handloom weaving. All the process of weaving is done using only handloom and there is no mechanical motor that is used to manufacture handloom sarees.

As it clearly says every process is done using only a hands of an skilled person. Every stage of the process has to be closely monitored to give you the best of a hand craft.

Handloom products:  


Product ID Type of Product Gram / Saree Length Width
DE/HL/01 Handloom Silk Sarees 600 gms 6.5 mtr 46”inches
DE/HL/02 Handloom Silk Sarees 750 gms 6.5 mtr 46”inches
DE/HL/03 Handloom Silk Sarees 850 gms 6.5 mtr 46”inches
DE/HL/04 Handloom Silk Sarees 1000 gms 6.5 mtr 46”inches
DE/HL/05 Handloom Silk Sarees 1200 gms 6.5 mtr 46”inches
DE/HL/06 Handloom Silk Sarees 1500 gms 6.5 mtr 46”inches

We can customise the saree as per your requirement. The Handloom Sarees Designs are not available online to viewing the designs. If you do need the samples images then do mail us with the product ID by clicking on the inquiry form listed above.

We can use 100% real zari for manufacturing these Handloom Silk Sarees. As this is a very traditional way of weaving a silk sarees it is great to add another value to sarees by using a 100% real zari.

The real zari comes with a good amount of gold content in the zari which really adds a huge value to the Handloom Silk Sarees.

The silk yarn used for the process of manufacturing a handloom sarees is of a good quality.


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